//Office Cleaning Services After Coronavirus

Office Cleaning Services After Coronavirus

We’ve all had to make major changes to our work and lifestyle following the lockdown across the UK. Formal office cleaning services after coronavirus have also become suddenly very important as many people start to return to work.

Partnering with a cleaning service that understands what is needed here is vitally important. At Bromley Cleaning, we have many years of experience of delivering high levels of hygiene and compliance, working with businesses to find the best solutions for their budget and needs.

How Bromley Cleaning Can Help

Like many other businesses, Bromley Cleaning Services in Liverpool have had to make adjustments to the way we work. That includes updating and training staff to use new systems and working with our clients to ensure that their cleaning needs are met while ensuring safety for everyone involved.

A new, important service that we have introduced post-Covid is ULV disinfection.

What is a ULV Disinfection System?

Ultra-low volume fogging is being used widely around the globe to disinfect surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Machines create a mist with very fine droplets that are effective in combatting pathogens like Covid-19 and can be used to disinfect areas like offices.

From our point of view, this has meant investing in new technology as well as training our staff to use it. For our clients, it means they can have peace of mind that surfaces are cleaned and treated properly during this challenging time.

Protecting Key Touch Points

While you can isolate people in your office by putting up screens and reducing numbers working in a particular space, there are several touchpoints such as door handles and areas like restrooms and kitchens that can be more difficult to control and maintain. Ensuring these are kept clean requires a change of focus for many businesses and their staff but it is certainly something that our cleaning team can help advise on.

Why Choose Bromley Cleaning Services

While we have been providing our cleaning services for over 14 years to the businesses of Liverpool and the surrounding area, this is probably the most challenging time we have faced since we began.

The first thing to note is that our cleaning operatives are all carefully vetted and properly trained. We’ve had to add to their training in recent times as we prepare for offices reopening.

That includes making our team aware of the risks and how to mitigate them in office environments. It’s not just about learning to use the ULV disinfection system but ensuring that strict protocols are followed at all times.

We can carry out a risk assessment for your office and help you put in place the cleaning service and workplace protocols that keep your employees and any visitors to your business as safe as possible. Our team are flexible in the timing of cleaning services and can be responsive to your needs if you have an emergency that you need handling.

Some areas in an office such as desks and screens may be easy to clean manually but others can be much more challenging. That’s why the ULV disinfection system can become so important and not only gives you complete peace of mind but ensures that all surfaces are kept hygienically clean.

Whether you are planning to open soon or have already taken that first big step, partnering with a reliable cleaning service is essential. Contact the team at Bromley Cleaning Services today to find out how we can help.



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