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If you are searching for a commercial cleaning company in Liverpool city centre that has a great reputation, the team at Bromley Cleaning have everything you need to keep your employers safe.

Quality hygienic cleaning services have suddenly become absolutely vital for offices and other business environments. Covid-19 has meant that many commercial enterprises have had to change the way they work and introduce new, more extreme processes to keep staff and visitors safe.

Whether you are a retail business, office or bar or restaurant, finding the right cleaning company to work with if you’re based in Liverpool city centre is essential.

Covid Deep Cleaning for Your Business

When you are searching for a commercial cleaning company, it’s important to choose a partner that is flexible to your needs. During the Covid pandemic, businesses have been faced with many challenges, not least how to stay above water and keep staff on the payroll.

Getting back into the office means paying more attention to how you keep areas hygienically clean. That means using approaches such as ultra-low volume fogging which helps ensure surfaces are maintained virus free.

Many cleaning services have had to adapt their approach and provide additional services to their clients. It’s essential to work with someone that understands the threat of Covid-19 and can provide the full service that helps keep your commercial enterprise open and operating effectively but safely.

Why Choose Bromley Cleaning in Liverpool

We’re a commercial cleaning service in Liverpool city centre that knows how to deliver high levels of hygienic cleaning for our customers. All our teams are highly qualified and have received additional training to respond to the threat of Covid-19.

Bromley Cleaning is a family-owned business with more than 10 years experience delivering high-quality cleaning solutions for a wide range of businesses including office environments. We understand that businesses today need to balance costs with having an effective Covid response that keeps staff and visitors safe.

  • We’ll ensure that all surfaces in your business are kept hygienically clean, including any protective sneeze screens that you may have.
  • We can advise on how best to keep your office or place of work clean at all times and how you can introduce protocols that staff will easily follow.
  • Our state of the art ultra-low volume fogging service provides your business with another layer of protection to help combat the spread of not just Covid-19 but other bugs such as flu and colds.
  • We offer a bespoke cleaning service that is specially designed for your business. We always use the right products for the job and ensure there is no cross-contamination between different areas of your business.

We’re the kind of business that gets into all those difficult nooks and crannies and makes sure your office is perfectly clean at all times. We work closely with all our clients to ensure that they not only receive value for money but an exceptional cleaning service.

If your business needs a comprehensive cleaning solution in the heart of Liverpool city centre, contact our expert team today.


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